Central HVAC systems can be great, but they aren’t without problems. In particular, the required ductwork can be inefficient, cumbersome, and sometimes impractical to install. Ductless heating and cooling systems eliminate those problems for Elk Grove residents. They offer high-efficiency climate control in a highly convenient and flexible package. Eschewing ductwork makes mini-split and multi-split systems extremely versatile and adaptable to nearly any situation.

Comfort for Everyone

One of the things homeowners love most about ductless HVAC units is the ability to adjust temperatures independently. Also called zoning, this flexible approach to heating and cooling opens up endless possibilities. You can set the thermostat for each zone separately. This allows you to cater to everyone’s individual comfort needs. Best of all, that means no more family fights over control of the thermostat!

HVAC Solutions for Every Situation

Without the need for ductwork, ductless heating and cooling systems are adaptable enough to meet all your HVAC needs. If your home has persistent hot or cold spots, simply install one or more ductless units in troublesome areas. Remodeling or adding an addition to your home? Instead of running more ductwork, just use a mini-split. Ductless systems are also great for unusual layouts and multi-level homes that can cause problems for central air systems.

Hassle-Free New HVAC Installation

Installing a central HVAC system is a major project. If you don’t already have ductwork in place, it can be even lengthier and more disruptive. When it comes to ductless systems, a new HVAC installation is a comparatively simple process. In place of ducts, most ductless systems require only a three-inch conduit to connect the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor units can be mounted to virtually any floor, wall, or ceiling, providing even greater flexibility.

It’s hard to go wrong with any modern HVAC solution, but there’s a lot to love about ductless systems. For outstanding efficiency, versatility and comfort, check out Advanced HVAC Services’ ductless heating and cooling solutions or call us to speak with our expert staff.

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