Home climate control is a major expense, representing up to half of the energy your home uses each year. It’s even more costly with an inefficient heating and cooling system that fails to maximize the energy it consumes. It’s no surprise, then, that Sacramento, CA, homeowners are increasingly embracing the outstanding performance and efficiency of heat pumps.

The Science of Heat Pumps

In warm weather, a heat pump works just like a high-efficiency air conditioner. Hot air is blown across a coil filled with very cold, low-pressure refrigerant, which absorbs heat and cools the air. The refrigerant is then pumped to a second unit that allows the absorbed heat energy to be dissipated outdoors. Heat pumps simply build on this idea of heat transfer by allowing the process to work in reverse. During the cooler months, heat pumps absorb ambient heat energy from outdoors, concentrate it, and pump it into your home.

High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling

The problem with most heating systems is that producing heat is generally a wasteful, energy-intensive process. By using the heat energy already present in the air, heat pump systems eliminate this issue. They only consume as much energy as is needed to keep the air flowing and the refrigerant system circulating. As long as there’s enough heat energy available, the result is exceptional heating efficiency. Best of all, you still get efficient cooling as well. Just remember that the two-in-one nature of a heat pump means you should schedule heating and cooling services twice per year.

Gentle and Consistent Comfort

There’s more to efficiency than maximizing the amount of heating or cooling produced from each unit of energy consumed. After all, efficiently producing hot or cold air doesn’t mean much if you don’t feel more comfortable. Fortunately, heat pumps also excel at enhancing your overall comfort. They’re more gradual and gentle, which helps to eliminate temperature swings and create more uniform conditions.

It’s easy to see why so many homeowners love their heat pump systems. What could be better than getting consistent, cost-effective comfort throughout the year in a single package? To learn more about why these systems are such a hit, check out Advanced HVAC Services’ professional heating services or call us today.

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